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Doodie Lo, a Lil Durk affiliate rapper, has just had his reported $11million defamation lawsuit win against FTN Bae tossed out by a Florida judge. exclusively reported that the judgment against FTN Bae (real name: Britney Elder) was vacated just a little over a month after Doodie Lo (real name David Saulsberry) supposedly snagged victory against his ex-girlfriend.

“It was set up so I never made it in the building,” she claimed, while also claiming that she spent the remainder of the day in jail and was only released after a judge ruled against her.

What’s more, FTN Bae claimed that there was a larger, more “sinister” plot in play to keep her from testifying against Doodie Lo, but she didn’t go into detail about what that alleged plot entailed.

Doodie Lo and FTN Bae, who have a long and contentious history, first made headlines back in October 2021, when FTN Bae accused Doodie Lo of sodomizing her then-5-year-old son with screws. Doodie Lo vehemently denied the charges, and even provided video evidence which, he claimed, exonerated him.

Subsequently, the rapper reportedly sued his ex-girlfriend for $5million in December 2021 for defamation, emotional distress, and perpetual reputational harm which he claims has resulted in him losing income and business opportunities.

But the only proof of the lawsuit that Doodie Lo allegedly filed was compiled by DJ Akademiks and posted in a since-deleted Instagram post. And a search on the Broward County Clerk of the Court’s site revealed no civil case — either pending, disposed, or vacated — against Elder, either brought by Doodie Lo or by other parties.

In addition, HipHopDX reached out to the Broward County Clerk of the Court with regard to the matter and a representative confirmed that no such filing exists or has existed in their system.

What’s more, in December 2021, Doodie Lo claimed he filed a $5million suit against FTN Bae — but just four months later, in March 2023, the courts reportedly ruled in his favor and upped the judgment to $11million.

According to Florida Rule 2.085, non-jury cases in civil court take up to 12 months from filing to final disposition, while jury trials take up to 18 months from filing to final disposition. A representative for the Broward County Clerk of the Court confirmed that it’s rare, if ever, that a civil case reaches final disposition in four months, regardless of the fame (or lack thereof) of the Petitioner or the Respondent.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the docket information about the alleged civil case was shared by DJ Akademiks in a post you can see here. The post in question is no longer available on Doodie Lo’s Instagram.

A search on the Broward County Clerk of the Court’s website revealed that this docket number is attached to a criminal case against Elder, where the State of Florida has charged her with third-degree perjury, a felony.

The charges, which were initially filed in October 2022, are tied to the allegations of sexual battery against Doodie Lo. In its probable cause affidavit, the state alleged that Elder “committed the offense of Perjury in an Official Proceeding during the criminal investigation of a Capital Felony — Sexual Battery … on behalf of her son, [name redacted].” This case is still active and pending.

It’s worth noting that in the state of Florida, a capital felony “means the sentence imposed can be life imprisonment or death. In Florida, capital felonies include murder, capital drug trafficking, armed kidnapping, and some felony crimes when there are death or sexual components to the felony charge,” according to attorney Ralph Behr.

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