DJ Khaled Flexes His Astonishing Wealth With H.E.R. & Migos in ‘We Going Crazy’ Video

2021-05-07T16:26:22+00:00May 7th, 2021|

DJ Khaled transforms an island he’s stranded on into his private paradise in the “We Going Crazy” music video, featuring H.E.R. and Migos, which dropped on Thursday (May 6).

After successfully escaping his fiery boat in the middle of a stormy night via jet ski, Khaled finds himself picking up stray goods from watches to headphones, and building his own canopy complete with a throne fit for a king, gold chandeliers to match his Rolls Royce and motorcycle, and a lion. Meanwhile, the Oscar and Grammy-winning singer H.E.R. explores the island, swinging in the branches and swimming near a waterfall before meeting up with Migos and DJ Khaled for a regal supper in a Pirates of the Caribbean-esque underground cave.

But before they could be the dinner of an unexpected dinosaur residing on the island, DJ Khaled and his $7,024,910.25 delivery of a rescue helicopter save the day in the Joseph Kahn-directed video.

“We Going Crazy” is featured on DJ Khaled’s 12th self-titled album, Khaled Khaled, which he released on April 30. He previously dropped the “Sorry Not Sorry” video, featuring Jay-Z and Nas, and “Every Chance I Get” video, featuring Lil Baby and Lil Durk, in support of his latest project.

Watch the “We Going Crazy” music video below.

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