Diddy Did Not Win an Oscar For ‘Two Distant Strangers’

2021-04-27T07:03:29+00:00April 27th, 2021|

On Sunday night (April 25), Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs claimed that he was a two-time Oscar winner after a film he executive produced, Two Distant Strangers, won the Oscar for best live-action short at the 93rd Academy Awards.

“I’m incredibly blessed to WIN MY SECOND OSCAR as a producer for UNDEFEATED and…. @TwoDistantFilm !!” tweeted Diddy alongside a video of him and his team watching actor Riz Ahmed make the Oscar announcement on a big screen in a studio together. “Words can’t describe how I feel right now winning alongside my brothers @JoeyBadass @VanLathan @Travon @iJesseWilliams @KDTrey5 #TwoDistantStrangers #Oscars.”

Back in 2011, Combs also claimed to have won his first Oscar for executive producing the football documentary Undefeated.

However, Combs is not listed among the winners of the Oscar for either film on the Academy Awards’ official site, which lists directors Free and Roe as the winners for Two Distant Strangers, and directors TJ Martina and Dan Lindsay and producer Rich Middlemas as that year’s winners for best documentary feature for Undefeated; Combs joined Undefeated as an executive producer after the film had already been nominated for the Oscar.

In the celebratory clip, Diddy whoops and jumps around at the good news about the film starring rapper Badass in a Groundhog Day-style story about a young Black man who is killed by a police office and wakes up every day to re-live his trauma. In a backstage video, Free held up his phone to the camera, on which Diddy was congratulating him and partying. “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby,” Free said along to Diddy’s energetic shouts of “I’m so proud of you!”

Watch the celebration below.

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