DaBaby Drops ‘Peep Hole’ Music Video Alongside ‘Blame It On Baby’ Deluxe Album

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DaBaby goes by “Billboard Baby” now, according to the intro track on the deluxe version of his Billboard 200 No. 1 album Blame It On Baby that arrives on streaming services today (Aug. 4).

The chart-topping rapper’s latest braggadocious efforts come to life in his new music video for “PEEP HOLE,” which he released Monday (Aug. 3) ahead of the new 24-track LP. Dripping in head-to-toe designer outfits at a socially distant photoshoot, the 28-year-old rapper sports anything from an orange Gucci tracksuit to a casual Burberry snapback, T-shirt and shorts look.

But as he holds onto this part of his lifestyle, he lets go of another, which he outlines bluntly in the chorus with a doorknock-like beat: “Baby, he don’t wanna be a player no more/ I was lookin’ out the peephole with it/… I done hit a lotta freak h–s/ N—a, guess safe, safe for you to say that I’m a ho/ I’m out the game, I’m not a player anymore.”

Similarly to how he addressed the Black Lives Matter movement with a “BLM Remix” of his Roddy Ricch-assisted No. 1 hit “Rockstar,” DaBaby references the 1988 N.W.A. hit “F— the Police” and sings about not wanting to be taken away from his daughter in the second verse.

“Lame-n—a-bi— taker, fuck the police/ You yellin’ with a gun, now how the f— we gon’ think?/ You take my daughter daddy, how the f— she gon’ eat?/ I kill me a cop, what the f— they gon’ think?/ Probably hang on the tree,” DaBaby hollers as the camera continues flashing.

Watch the Spicy and James Rico-directed “Peephole” music video and listen to the deluxe edition of Blame It On Baby below.

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