DaBaby Calls Out Charlotte Police After He’s Charged With Weed Possession & Resisting Arrest

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Charlotte, NC – DaBaby was in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina where he performed at Bojangles’ Coliseum on Monday night (December 23). But the evening took a dramatic tour when Charlotte police searched DaBaby’s car.

According to TMZ, officers with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department initially approached DaBaby — HipHopDX’s Rapper of the Year — because he was filming them.They claimed they could smell marijuana wafting from the vehicle.

Officers waited until after the show to confront DaBaby, but he refused to speak to them. Consequently, he was detained and a search was conducted on the vehicle. They discovered less than a half ounce of marijuana inside. Although he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and resisting, they ultimately decided to issue two citations instead.

Simply put, DaBaby was not happy with the treatment he received at the hands of Charlotte police. He hopped on Instagram Live to detail the incident.

“This how you know the police did wrong,” he says in the clip. “I’m in there waiting to see the magistrate. Three hours, they done made me take 12 different mugshots. The two arresting officers come in to tell the COs, we need y’all to get Jonathan Kirk his property and take me back out to intake, the same door they walked me in in handcuffs.

“I’m walking past niggas they brought into jail on the way out. Everybody in the world who’s ever been in jail, especially in Charlotte, you know it’s policy for them to cut this band off of you before they let you out. They didn’t take me out the right door, they took me out the same door they brought me in.”

DaBaby also questioned why he has a property bag along with a citation.

“They illegally searched me,” he continued. “Illegally arrested me. “Stupid ass niggas illegally released me. What I got a property bag for with a citation? Wrist band still on my wrist. Niggas dropped me on 4th Street and put Star 67 on my phone, asked me if I wanted to make a phone call. I said ‘hell nah, unblock the number. Ya’ll in mutherfuckin’ trouble dawg.

He plans to keep the bracelet on until Christmas.

The KIRK artist was originally filming the police and accusing them of breaking into people’s cars. CMPD has launched an Internal Affairs investigation to determine if officers followed department protocol.

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