D12’s Bizarre Prepared To Defend Eminem With Machine Gun Kelly Diss Track

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Bizarre evidently wasn’t playing when he said the repercussions for Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil” diss track were going to be severe. On Monday (September 10), a video clip of one of Bizarre’s Instagram Stories started floating around featuring the D12 vet laying into Eminem’s current rival.

“Who the fuck got Bizarre involved/You know the crime was wrote unsolved/Show some respect/Ain’t mention nothin’,” he spits. “Fuck a machine/I hit with a tech/And I’m old and I’m wiser/And I’m cool and I’m higher/I’m higher than you.

“Tell Marshall I got this/It’s been six months since I’ve seen my therapist/Anybody see Mr. Kelly leaving Ohio?/Believe me, I’m ready/Ready for war, ready to fight/Let me calm down ’cause I’m just too hype.”

Em fired a shot at MGK on “Not Alike” from his surprise Kamikaze album. MGK initially celebrated the mention by popping a bottle of champagne but then returned a couple of days later with “Rap Devil.”

Once Em’s former D12 compadre caught wind of it, he issued a stern warning to Kelly, saying, “But boy … but boy, the repercussions … ooof … oof. Boy gonna do you something nasty. You better stop playin’ with that boy.”

While Shady has yet to respond with a diss track aimed at MGK, he got fans talking after he posted a seven-minute video of himself playing Ms. Pac-Man to his Instagram Stories. MGK has two Ms. Pac-Man tattoos on his upper body, leading many to believe Em is plotting and scheming behind the scenes.

MGK, on the hand, performed “Rap Devil” in Shady’s hometown of Detroit last week and created an entire line of merch surrounding the track.

For now, it appears Bizarre has something up his sleeve but we’ll have to wait.

In the meantime, check out the clip above.

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