Cuban Doll, Rubi Rose & Renni Rucci Celebrate Their Growing Assets On “AGF” Single

2019-09-10T07:50:06+00:00September 10th, 2019|

Miami, FL – While Jermaine Dupri may not approve, Cuban Doll has rounded up some of her closest rapping homies: Rubi Rose and Renni Rucci for an asstastic anthem all across the board.

Produced by Zabba, the hypnotic strums of “AGF” (a cheeky acronym for “ass getting fat”) lay the foundation for each individual to shine by using lyrics to big up their behinds.

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If the record sounds like an upgrade from previous Cuban DaSavage offerings, there is a clear reason for that.

The burgeoning rapper just moved to Miami where she’s coping with the recent loss of her mother to cervical cancer and now she’s fully independent at the moment.

Stream “AGF” up above and follow Cuban Doll @cubanndasavage for more of her reality raps.

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