Color Me Badd’s Bryan Abrams Reportedly Arrested For Shoving Bandmate

2018-07-24T10:35:06+00:00July 24th, 2018|

TYRE, NY – Color Me Badd, the ’90s R&B group responsible for hits like “I Wanna Sex You Up,” reunited in 2010 after a long hiatus. During a performance on Sunday (July 22) at the del Lago Resort & Casino in New York, something evidently went wrong.

According to TMZ, lead singer Bryan Abrams was arrested after shoving bandmate Mark Calderon.

Concertgoers reportedly say Abrams was struggling with his voice and walked off stage in frustration, only to return moments later to push Calderon so hard he had to be taken to the hospital. On his way down, Calderon hit some sound equipment. He was reportedly treated for neck and back pain at the hospital.

Abrams was charged with misdemeanor assault, taken to jail and booked. His bail is reportedly set at $2,000, although there’s no word if he’s posted it yet.

Color Me Badd is scheduled to perform in Indiana on July 28.

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