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Chrisean Rock has never been afraid to be her authentic, unfiltered self — and that lack of a filter was on full display in a recent interview.

On Wednesday (November 1), the reality star and sometimes rapper sat down with Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee for a two-hour interview that covered a wide variety of topics — including Chrisean Rock’s infamous baby daddy, Blueface.

In one part of the interview, Lee asked Rock about her sex life with the “Thotiana” rapper, and she revealed that the pair were in bed together just a few weeks after she’d given birth to their son, Chrisean Malone Jr.

“I was scared of fucking Blue because [whispers] I had to wait six weeks post-birth,” she said. “I said, ‘I’m still bleeding. You want bloody pussy, Blue?’ And he was like, ‘On crip.’”

“Wait, can we stop right there?” Lee replied. “A Crip wanted bloody pussy? That’s too much.”

Check out her comments at the 50:50 mark in the clip below:

Chrisean Rock and Blueface have had an on-again, off-again relationship that’s had its fair share of twists and turns, with the pair’s feelings about one another fluctuating along the way.

On Monday (October 30), Rock popped up during Kai Cenat‘s stream from behind bars and proceeded to take a shot at her ex while getting everyone else in the jail yard on board.

“Audio, if it’s your birthday make some noise. Can I get everybody in the chat to say, ‘Fuck Blueface!’ Can Y’all hear me? We testing the audio,” she said. “Nah, we just trying to see. I don’t think they can hear me. Yeah, aight. I might put it in his face.”

Kai tried to avoid having any conflict with Blueface so he made sure to chime in that he’s cool with everybody and not co-signing Chrisean’s beef.

“I’m cool with everybody,” he pleaded. “Free the world. I love everybody.”

Another clip that has since gone viral on social media finds Kai Cenat surrounded while reading a children’s book, which made Chrisean tear up.

“This is tough — to read a book. That shit’s hard,” Rock said while holding back tears.

Blueface hasn’t responded directly to Rock’s latest jab but he did name her as part of his MILF Music record label’s roster alongside his fiancée, Jaidyn Alexis.

“Milf music artist list 1. Jaidyn Alexis 2. Chriseanrock 3. Lil mabu 4. Jay Cinco 5. X.o rico,” he wrote.

With Chrisean out of the picture, Blueface committed fully to Jaidyn Alexis earlier this month when he got down on a knee and proposed to her while at a Los Angeles Rams game.

“Jaidyn is the only female I would ever get on one knee for,” he began in a message that didn’t mention Rock by name, but did use the exact phrase she had in describing the engagement, “this ain’t no publicity stunt tf I’ma marry somebody for clout for that don’t make no dam sense.”

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