Chloe Bailey Delivers Her Own Version of Drake’s ‘Marvins Room’

2021-07-05T08:41:44+00:00July 5th, 2021|

Chloe Bailey continued her well-loved cover series with a rendition of Drake’s “Marvins Room” over the weekend.

For her latest cover, the Chloe x Halle singer uploaded a video on Sunday (July 4) of her own spin on the vulnerable Take Care track, which Drake originally released in 2011.

“You told me that there’s someone else/ You messing with my confidence/ How you make me feel unwanted/ I’m really trying not to hold a grudge/ But you didn’t send me flowers for my birthday/ And now I’m hurting in the worst way,” Bailey sings on her “Marvins Room.”

The reworked lyrics continue: “I shouldn’t have to tell a n—- how to treat me/ You acting like you big enough but not at all/ F— that new girl that you got around/ I know she is faking it when you lay it down/ I’ma f— your homeboy that’s in my DMs/ You gon’ be left crying but you can’t say s—.”

“I’m just saying I can do better,” Bailey declares. “Stop calling my phone ’cause we ain’t together/ I’m just saying I’ma do better/ Good girl gone bad on my worst behavior.”

Watch her take on “Marvins Room” below.

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