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21.01.2019 „Chillout Tracks (Endless Summer)“ – Kaycien Grey
12 tracks, 51 minutes chillout music to relax, take a deep breath and enjoy. The album retrospects the summer of 2018, an endless, grandiose summer, which provided many possibilities for dancing, chilling out and inviting to beach walks by the sea with its record summer days. The music album is very varied, some instrumental songs, others with great vocals. All songs are very harmonic, melodic, with rhythmic, juicy, but not obtrusive bass and bass drums. It’s a lot of fun for the listener and just creates a good mood. Music for chilling out, perfect as background music in practices (GEMA free!), waiting rooms, or privately at the dining table. The artist Kaycien Grey celebrated his first successes in 2017 with his EDM single “On the Dancefloor” and now delivers a Chillout-Extended version as bonus track in this album. A successful Kaycien Grey debut album that inspires from the first to the last second.

Michael Link – Kaycien Grey – Yoga Di Qi
Michael Link from Hanau is a versatile music producer and songwriter who currently writes songs in the genres EDM (Dance and Chillout), New Age & Meditation as well as Pop/Pop Ballads. In the last 8 weeks he released two albums: “Yoga Music for Meditation, Relaxation & Healing” (artist: Yoga Di Qi) and in January “Chillout Tracks (Endless Summer)” (artist: Kaycien Grey). Now he’s working on his first pop music/pop ballad album (release: this summer) and a new EDM EP.
Michael Link has a degree in mathematics (with focus on economics and computer science) on the one hand, and a lot of apprenticeships and trainings in music on the other. To name just a few:
Education at the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) as Audio Engineer Assistant
Musicological training at the Association of German Musicians (VDM)
Certified songwriter and producer degree, which he obtained from the successful and top producer, Ulf Weidmann, who has already sold many millions of records.
during his time as label boss of HochHOUSE records he collaborated with Stefan Stieber, who already celebrated great chart and Echo successes in the 90’s as co-producer of “Magic Affair” and is still present in the charts these days with his productions.
since 2017 Michael Link has been working on his own music productions, which are marketed on (motto: Relax, Enjoy & Dance)
His songs do have their own style, regardless of the genre in which he releases his music: very melodic, positive, encouraging, rhythmic. Often the combination of harmonic, catchy chord sequences and melodies, juicy and groovy basses, first class vocals and varied effects can be found, while chillout and meditation works are a bit quieter. In some productions, e.g. the Chillout album, he likes to use samples and concentrates more on music production than on songwriting. In other productions, however, he prefers self-composed and lyrical songs with real vocal recordings instead of his sampling and vocal libraries, e.g. in his current pop music album. But regardless to how a song comes about, it is important that the result sounds good and gives pleasure to the listener.