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Cassidy has long been known as one of rap’s best punchline rappers, but he’s now cleared the air regarding a perceived jab at another top-tier lyricist, Lloyd Banks.

The Philly rapper joined Cam Capone News earlier this month to address his 2022 Bars On I-95 freestyle in which he rapped about being the “Punchline King” — which many believed was a diss aimed in the direction of the former G-Unit soldier.

“I been talking that and just because I used that I’m around the Punchline King,” he began. “It was like I battled all around my city banks. It’s a play on the city bank but I done really battled all around my city.

“I never really seen no battles with Banks. He get busy, he lyrical, he punch and all that but I never seen no battles or heard about him being outside just battling all day like how I was in my city.”

Explaining that it wasn’t a diss, he continued: “On top of the fact that he could punch or whatever, I battle with mines and I was really active and I don’t know if he was. And it was a play on a lot of banks. It was a Banks scheme so I was in that bag already… But it wasn’t a diss or nothing like that like I got beef with him or something. Wordplay.”

Check out Cassidy’s interview below:

Lloyd Banks didn’t respond directly but a couple of days after Cassidy’s bars made waves on social media, the Queens-bred rapper fired off a tweet using a GIF of Big Sean looking unamused during an edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s Mean Tweets.

“Banks will destroy Cass and them baby punchlines,” a fan wrote last May,

On the rap side, the G-Unit alumnus returned with his The Course of the Inevitable 3: Pieces of My Pain, which came loaded with 16 tracks.

Banks also called in some big guns to give him a hand, with tracks featuring Method Man, Cormega, Vado (who appeared on two tracks, “LSD” and “Automatic Pilot,” the latter of which also features Dave East), 38 Spesh, and Tony Yayo.

Another rapper Cassidy isn’t looking to get into it with is Meek Mill — but his reasoning for not wanting to battle the “Bugatti” rapper isn’t because of their past beef.

“Salute to Meek, but, he ain’t battle rap,” he said to Vlad TV. “Like, maybe he battled back in the day to try to get on, like to try to get people familiar with what he do. There’s a bunch of people that did that. But still, they wouldn’t consider themselves battle rappers.”

He continued: “Maybe that’s the cloth he was cut from back then, but it’s been so much time, and him doing other shit, and on music, and then a different bag, that I’m not even sure if he’s interested in battle rapping. … We kinda already had our own little battle, but I’m not interested in battling nobody. Long as the business is right, they could pick whoever I battle.”

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