Casanova Sued For Assault After Allegedly Getting Caught Cheating

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New York, NY – In October 2018, Casanova was indicted for robbery and coercion for an alleged incident at a New York City restaurant. Still awaiting trial for the case, the rapper has also been hit with a lawsuit for assault and battery from the alleged victim, according to TMZ.

Niya Rucker claims that, while she was at the Good Stuff Diner in Manhattan last August, Casanova was also present with associates. He allegedly believed she was filming a video of him. Rucker says she was merely filming her meal for Instagram Live.

According to Rucker, Casanova got hold of her phone, ultimately deleting the video. After this, she says his associate, Bobby Williams choked her to the point of unconsciousness. Williams is facing a strangulation charge.

Rucker believes that Casanova confronted her because he was in the presence of two women, neither his wife, and didn’t want to be caught.

According to Rucker’s lawsuit, she sustained numerous injuries from the incident, including a broken jaw and a knocked-out tooth. She also allegedly needed to receive stitches as a result of the encounter with Rucker and Williams.

Rucker appeared on Instagram Live soon after the alleged incident. Footage shows Rucker looking bloodied and asking, “Who just grabbed me?”

The lawsuit also makes mention of cuts Rucker allegedly endured, including a split lip. No word is available regarding how much Rucker is seeking in compensation.

Casanova turned himself into police the week following the alleged incident. He and his attorney, Scott Leeman have denied Rucker’s claims.

“People think they can get away with stuff because they got a bunch of people with them or they got a bunch of money, or they think they somebody. I think I’m somebody, too,” Rucker exclaimed to PIX11 News last August.

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