Cardi B Shares a Glimpse of Her ‘Morning Routine’ as a Mom of 2

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Just like any mom of two young children, Cardi B sure is busy.

The star took to Instagram Stories bright and early on Tuesday morning (Jan. 4) to share that she was “AWAKE,” and “thinkin bout doing a story of my mourning [sic] routines.”

“Let’s see if my hand are not that tight [sic] up,” she added as a disclaimer in the Stories viewed by Billboard.

The 29-year-old “Up” rapper’s first update began at 6:03 a.m., after she already fed her and Offset‘s newborn son his first bottle for the day and was put back to sleep. Cardi shared the new bottle she was preparing for him “when he wakes up again in a few.”

Cardi’s motherly instincts were right, as the baby was up and enjoying another bottle at 7:57 a.m. Keeping his face out of frame, Cardi posted a video of her boy’s adorable feet moving around while he cooed. “Now he’s awake with full energy while I have NONE,” she wrote. “Feed, burped, changed. Waiting on his morning poop thooo…. I know it’s coming.”

And she was correct, once again. “Literally in my last video I said I was waiting on my morning poop,” she said in a clip posted four minutes later. “I know this baby too well. The morning poop already came. Literally four minutes after posting. I’m gonna just wait until he finishes.”

Cardi’s busy morning continued less than half an hour later, when her three-year-old daughter Kulture and Offset’s six-year-old daughter Kaelea woke up. The rapper shared a video of the girls playing on their iPads, and a follow-up of Kulture sitting on the sink and brushing her teeth.

“She normally wakes up at, like, 9 or 10, but she’s up now,” Cardi revealed, before adding that the late wake-up time is not Kulture’s “normal schedule,” as she typically goes to school in the mornings. “But we in Georgia right now, so, yeah, it’s a little different,” she added.

After that, the morning chaos was a bit too busy, and Cardi cut her IG Story morning routine short. “Sorry, can’t do more Insta stories,” she wrote on a blank slide. “It gets busy quick. NEED BOTH MY HANDS.”

Back in September, Cardi B and Offset welcomed their second child together. The “I Like It” rapper took to Instagram to share a sweet family photo of her new baby boy. In the snapshot, Cardi and Offset are sitting under a Louis Vuitton blanket in a hospital bed as they proudly gaze at their newborn. The couple has yet to announce the name of their bundle of joy.

Back in July 2018, Cardi and Offset welcomed three-year-old daughter Kulture.

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