Cardi B Gives Thumbs Up to Johns Hopkins Pro-Masking ‘WAP’ Parody

2020-12-21T21:17:53+00:00December 21st, 2020|

A group of students at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health got an unexpected surprise when Cardi B signed off on their hilarious parody of “WAP” reminding everyone to mask-up during the current COVID-19 surge in the run-up to the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

“Sksksksk,” Cardi tweeted upon seeing the clip, in which the students sing “Safe and chic, seven days a week/ Wear a mask, please/ Make that COVID curve weak” in the re-named public safety plea “Wear a Mask Please” (“WAmP”). Repurposing the original’s NSFW refrain into “There’s a mask on this mouth,” the remake credited to Birdi Jay and Thee Mental Notes features a giant bird wearing a mask and images of medical students following proper CDC protocol to slow the spread of the deadly virus.

“Yeah I’m asking that you wear a mask please/ When you’re out at a shop/ You’ve got a wear a mask please/ Don’t just hold it like a prop/ You’ve got to wear a mask please/ Put it on, let it match your clothes/ Rock the science with a pose/ With the mask right on your face/ So it covers your mouth and nose.”

To date the U.S. has seen more than 318,000 deaths and more than 17.9 million cases of COVID1-9, with cases and deaths surging to all-time highs in many states, with a record average of 216,070 cases per day over the past week. Health experts have urgently encouraged Americans to avoid travel during the holidays in order to slow the spread of the highly contagious disease that has sent much of the country back into lockdown.

Watch “WAmP” below.

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