Cardi B Calls Out News Anchor Who Claims She Was Promoting Violence During Black Lives Matter Protests

2020-06-04T13:48:21+00:00June 4th, 2020|

Cardi B had some harsh words Tuesday (June 2) for a reporter who took her words out of context in regards to the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests.

The drama all started when KTLA reporter Doug Kolk ran a segment using part of the rapper’s recent Instagram video. He claimed in his piece that she was using her platform to “promote the violence” of looting and rioting during the ongoing demonstrations.

Here’s what Cardi says in the partial soundbite: “People looting and going extremely outraged, you know, it makes me feel like, ‘Yes! Finally! Finally motherf–kers gonna hear us now. Yeah!’… As much as people is so against it, at this point I feel like I’m not against it, even though it do scare me.”)

It didn’t take long for the razor-tongued rapper to catch wind of the news story, and she quickly took to social media to unleash on the anchor for cherry-picking from her full statement. “@DougKolk why your no lip square head having ass ain’t put the part were I said to vote ?” she wrote. “You cottage cheese breath having b—h. Why don’t you post how a conservative Christian trump supporter post my [address] and encourage people to loot my home (which by the way he goin to jail ).”

Within just a few hours, Kolk had issued an apology to Cardi, promising to rectify the story on air. “I apologize to @iamcardib if I took her words out of context,” he tweeted. “I respect her for using her platform to connect with people during these difficult times and it was wrong of me to not let her full voice be heard. I will make sure that is corrected during my next segment.”

Kolk later taped a corrected segment that also included his apology, which KTLA aired.

Check out the entire fiery exchange below.

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