Cardi B Airs Out Nicki Minaj In Extended Instagram Rant

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Cardi B went off on Nicki Minaj, airing out all of the issues with her rival in a heated Instagram rant. The Billboard record-breaking artist responded to many of the claims made by Nicki on Queen Radio and shared her side of their now infamous altercation at New York Fashion Week party.

The “Bodak Yellow” creator kicked off her diatribe by refuting Nicki’s assertion that she got beat up “real bad” by Rah Ali. Cardi stated she had no reason to lie because there was plenty of footage of the skirmish. She also blasted Nicki for initially playing the victim but now acting tough.

“You lie so much you can’t even keep up with your fucking lies,” she said.

Later, Cardi delved into the “MotorSport” controversy once again and debunked Nicki’s claim that Travis Scott replaced 21 Savage on Rvssian, Farruko and Bad Bunny’s “Krippy Kush” because of Cardi. She even posted a direct message from Rvssian revealing 21 was only replaced because he couldn’t make the video shoot.

Cardi also mocked Nicki for threatening to sue her before countering with her own reason for litigation: a defamation lawsuit over Nicki’s allegations of payola. Cardi was disillusioned by the insistence that her success isn’t genuine.

“Why is it that when people wanna listen to me you cannot believe it?” she asked Nicki. “Why I gotta be cheating for that?”

As she continued, Cardi targeted claims of her stopping Nicki’s bag. In response, the new mother revealed she’s actually given her rival opportunities by turning down offers such as a deal with the Diesel clothing company and a guest spot on Little Mix’s “Woman Like Me” — both of which ended up going to Nicki.

“That came to my first but then they gave it to you!” Cardi said.

Cardi closed out her tirade by saying she was tired of going back-and-forth with Nicki. She declared she’s ready to finally settle things via a direct conversation or a fight.

Listen to Cardi’s social media rant below.

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