‘Can I Mix You a Drink?’: T-Pain Unveils Cover of His Upcoming Cocktail Book

2021-05-18T18:29:33+00:00May 18th, 2021|

Instead of buying you a drank, this time, T-Pain’s showing you how to make one.

The Grammy winner is teaming up with beverage professional Maxwell Britten to release his mixology book, Can I Mix You a Drink: 50 Cocktails From My Life & Career, this fall — and revealed the luxe cover exclusively with Billboard on Tuesday (May 18).

“Years back, I got up with my friend, [author] Kathy Iandoli, and told her I wanted to do some innovative s–t, so this was a concept we had in mind for a while, where I could combine my music with my love of drinking,” T-Pain told Billboard of the inspiration behind the book. “She and I worked on this for a while, and then we both were busy with other stuff, then we came back together and finished this up.”

The result is an exploration of new flavors to create delicious, unconventional recipes that can be used for parties, pre-games, or a quiet night in. While making the book, T-Pain says he learned that “mixology is complex,” before expressing gratitude for his co-author. “Thank goodness for Maxwell Britten is all I gotta say,” he shared.

Surprisingly, mixology blends into music making more than one would think. “I like listening to and making music when I’m drunk,” the star admits. “If the drink sucks, then so does the music and vice versa.”

As for his favorite cocktail in the book, T-Pain jokes, “Come on now, that’s like picking my favorite girl!”

“Well, that’s my wife,” he quickly adds, “But I think all of the drinks speak to all sides of who I am and what I’m all about. Take a sip of them all and you let me know your favorite instead.”

Pre-order Can I Mix You a Drink? on hardcover and Kindle here, before it’s officially released on September 14, 2021.

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