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Kendrick Lamar has emerged as the clear winner in his bitter feud with Drake, according to Cam’ron and Ma$e.

The rappers turned sports personalities chewed over the latest round of diss records on their show It Is What It Is on Monday (May 6) following an eventful weekend that produced four explosive songs.

When asked who he thinks is winning the battle, Killa Cam replied: “Right now, man, I’ma be honest, Kendrick Lamar.”

The Dipset legend went on to criticize Drake’s most recent effort, “The Heart Part 6,” which he interpreted as the 6 God waving the white flag.

“I don’t like what Drake dropped last night because it wasn’t bad but I don’t like the way that it ended,” he said. “It seemed like he was [saying], ‘This is the last one I’m doing.’

“You can’t end it when you just want to end it. He’s all, ‘I’m tired of doing this,’ this, that and the third. I just think that you shouldn’t have ended it like that. You gotta keep going.”

Ma$e concurred, praising Kendrick’s one-two combo of “Meet the Grahams” and “Not Like Us” — even though he feels they should’ve been unleashed before the Compton rapper’s initial response record “Euphoria.”

“I’m going with Kendrick as well. It seemed like whatever he started out doing, he picked up the speed — pause — and really did what he was supposed to do,” he said. “I thought the last record that he did [‘Not Like Us’] was the one. He should’ve done it a little bit earlier.

“I would’ve started with ‘Meet the Grahams’ then I would’ve went into ‘Not Like Us.’ That was crazy. When I heard that, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, it’s gonna be tough.’ That was the one I was expecting.”

Cam’ron was also impressed by “Not Like Us,” particularly its dance-friendly sound which has allowed Kendrick to compete with Drake in the clubs.

“‘Meet the Grahams,’ I thought it was good but [Drake’s ‘Family Matters’] — they played that in the club, and ‘Meet the Grahams’ you couldn’t really play in the club,” he said. “When n-ggas went out that night, they played ‘Family Matters’ like 10 times back to back in the club. So when Kendrick came with an upbeat one, they played that in the club like 10 times in a row.

“And the one Drake just dropped [‘The Heart Part 6’], it was kinda slow, it seemed like he don’t want to do it no more — pause. I just don’t like the way it ended. But like you said, Murda, we’ll see, to be continued. But it don’t seem like Drake wanna battle no more.”

Watch their comments at the 3:49 mark below.

Cam’ron and Ma$e’s stance represents a sharp U-turn from last week when they both gave Drake the nod over Kendrick Lamar following their earlier diss songs, “Push Ups” and “Euphoria.”

“Drake is definitely winning from an MC standpoint,” the latter claimed. “It took a while for us to get the record from Kendrick and when you wait a while, it gotta be outta this world.”

He added: “It was a good record [but] we didn’t wait a while for a good record […] It’s a certain thing you gotta have in the record that Kendrick doesn’t have in his record. You gotta say something that make n-ggas look at the n-gga different. And when he did the, ‘I don’t want to hear you say n-gga,’ that was an angle that we already heard before.”

Cam echoed his co-host’s sentiment by saying Kendrick’s song “didn’t really move [him]” and took too long to come out.

The pair were later forced to defend their opinions after facing backlash online.

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