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Cam’ron‘s pink fur coat is iconic in the Hip Hop world, but even $300,000 wasn’t enough to make him part ways with it.

Sitting down with Kevin Durant’s Boardroom platform, the Dipset rapper revealed he received the six-figure offer from someone he felt didn’t appreciate the history of the jacket. Still, he’s not opposed to letting it go to the right bidder.

“The people who offered it to me, I didn’t feel they deserved it,” Cam said. “It was more of a stat to them like, ‘I bought Cam’s jacket.’ It wasn’t really like they appreciated where that jacket came from.

“If it makes sense to sell it to somebody who would appreciate it or put it where it’s gonna be seen and be stored that people know it’s my jacket, cool.

He added: “You got rich suburban kids who be like, ‘Hey Cam, my girlfriend really loves your pink jacket. I don’t really know too much about it but I’ll buy it for her. How much do you want for it?’ That type shit.

“These are booster babies — their parents come from generational money to where they probably don’t know much about Hip Hop at all anyway, but they dealing with people who do.”

Cam’ron spoke more about the origins of the jacket during the interview, explaining how he’s only worn it a few times because of the attention it gets.

“I purchased that jacket probably 20 years ago at a store called Apollo Signature in Harlem on 125th Street,” he said. “[I’ve worn it] maybe three [times]. I haven’t worn it a lot. You know, it got a lot of attention. I bought it to wear to Fashion Week one year and after that it got wild attention so I put it away.

“The coat got its own personality — people wanna put it in museums. People call me, ‘Could you bring it with you?’ ‘We’re having a fur exhibition, can you bring your jacket?’ ‘We’re doing a Hip Hop museum, we wanna put it in there, can we run it?’”

He added: “So, the fur comes out once in a while if it make sense. But you know, for the Drake show being at the Apollo, I thought it would be cool to bring out.”

Drake brought out Dipset during his two sold-out shows at the Apollo Theater in Harlem last month, where the 6 God wore Cam’s iconic pink coat and hat as the crew performed hits like “I Really Mean It,” “Dipset Anthem” and “We Fly High (Ballin’).”

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