Busta Rhymes Challenges T.I. to a ‘Verzuz’ Battle

2020-10-22T13:43:34+00:00October 22nd, 2020|

Busta Rhymes hopped on Instagram Live with Fat Joe on Tuesday night (Oct. 20), and the two pals chatted about everything from music to the upcoming election. But perhaps the wildest part of the evening was when Rhymes challenged his good friend T.I. to a “Verzuz” battle.

“From one brother that loves you, to my brother that knows I love him, I’m begging you to step in the ring with me. I’mma bust your a–,” Rhymes proclaimed, and Fat Joe immediately begins hollering at the request.

“Let me tell you something, we’re going to do it with grace, but I’mma bust T.I.–I’mma bust your a–,” he continued. “C’mon T.I., let’s have fun.”

Turns out that T.I. isn’t necessarily up for the challenge. He responded to Busta’s call, saying that the generational gap is too big between them for a proper “Verzuz” battle. “So I’ve been seeing all this s— y’all kicking up, man, y’all messy as hell, man Godd—,” he said. “Busta bust, Busta bust. Look, I f— with you Bust, and I respect my elders, man. No cap, I ain’t trying to be funny about it at all, but just speaking honestly.”

“I didn’t know we were reaching back through generations,” he continued. “That’s a huge generational gap in there, isn’t it? I have a huge amount of respect for you, exponential amount of respect for you. You know what I’m saying?”

See below.

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