Bushwick Bill Reportedly Dead At 52

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Houston, TX – Bushwick Bill’s death is reportedly official. Following several erroneous reports stating the Geto Boys legend died on Sunday morning (June 9), members of his family quickly shut down the rumors and said he was still “fighting for his life.”

But according to Rolling Stone, a rep for the Houston rap luminary revealed he passed away on Sunday evening at a local hospital.

“Bushwick Bill passed away peacefully this evening at 9:35 p.m.,” the statement reads. “There were incorrect previous reports that he had passed away this morning. We are looking into doing a public memorial at a later date. His family appreciates all of the prayers and support and are asking for privacy at this time.”

Bill was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in February. During an interview with TMZ last month, he insisted he wasn’t scared to die.

“I’m not really afraid of dying because if anyone knows anything about me from [his 1992 song] ‘Ever So Clear,’ I died and came back already in June 1991, so I know what it’s like on the other side.”

Bushwick was 52.

TMZ reports Bushwick Bill is “still alive and fighting cancer” in a hospital.

Although the site originally reported Bill’s death, his publicist spoke with hospital staff to confirm the Geto Boys member didn’t pass away Sunday morning (June 9).

Bill’s daughter confirmed her father is still fighting for his life in an Instagram post.

“Contrary to what has been prematurely, insensitively, and inaccurately posted/reported – My dad IS NOT dead, he’s still alive and fighting for his life,” she wrote. “He needs your continued prayers and support. Certain people have been so quick to write him off as dead so they can capitalize off it, and it’s messed up because yall really think these people care about him. There is no Geto Boys without Bushwick Bill. Thank you @tmz_tv & @realdawn_p for the updated report. On behalf of the family we’re requesting privacy until further notice.”

A source close to the situation tells HipHopDX they believe a member of Bill’s team spread false information regarding his death, leading many — including fellow Geto Boys member Scarface — to think he was dead.

Bushwick Bill has reportedly passed away following a battle with pancreatic cancer. Fellow Geto Boys member Scarface announced Bill’s death in an Instagram post on Sunday (June 9).

“RIP Bushwick Bill,” he wrote. “You will be missed big fella.”

Geto Boys’ Willie D also reacted to Bill’s passing via Instagram.

“This is Geto Boys for life,” he wrote. “#wecantbestopped #30yearsofControversy.”

Earlier this year, Bill was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Last month, he was hospitalized with pneumonia, which he said he contracted after beginning chemotherapy.

The Geto Boys were attempting to tour one last time together due to Bill’s cancer diagnosis, but the shows were abruptly canceled in May. A TMZ report claimed he was unhappy about tour organizers exploiting his illness. However, Bill said it was actually due to his pneumonia.

“The rumor is I pulled out on the tour, but if my health was a concern then you would know about my health, not about me pulling out of the tour,” he said. “This is a health issue. Pancreatic cancer. Chemo therapy gave me pneumonia.”

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