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Hip Hop has been around for close to 50 years and the rap industry has continued to evolve throughout its existence.

During a recent interview with VladTV, Baton Rouge veteran Boosie Badazz spoke about the prospect of record labels being held legally responsible for their artists’ lyrics, which he believes could lead to gangsta rap being phased out of mainstream Hip Hop.

“They’re basically doing all this to separate gangbanging from rap,” he said. “They’re gonna basically tell you you can’t be a gangbanger in rap. I’m not a gangbanger, but I think it’s a bad thing for them because what they’re preaching about, they’re not gonna let happen.”

The “Wipe Me Down” rapper predicted that gangsta rap artists would be forced into portraying a “fake” image if record labels begin to push them into taking a safer, alternative path with their music.

“The power they’re bringing, they’re not gonna let it stay,” he continued. “The impact you’re having on people, they’re not gonna let it stay. You’re gonna have to be a fake rapper. You gonna have to be a rapper that’s not doing anything. If they see you going that way, they’re gonna stop you.”

Boosie went on to state his belief that legal authorities are going to continue to put a halt to street rap using lyrics as evidence in court, citing the ongoing RICO case against Young Thug, Gunna and their YSL collective.

“That’s why they got YSL, who everybody looking up to,” he added. “That’s the way they can do it with the gangbanging thing. That’s a tool they got right now that’s been successful. I want all them boys free, man. I want all them boys at home.”

Thugger and Gunna have both been denied bond and will remain in jail until their trial begins in January 2023.

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