Bobby Shmurda Respects Meek Mill But Won’t Join Criminal Justice Reform Crusade

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Clinton County, NY – Bobby Shmurda won’t be joining Meek Mill’s crusade for criminal justice reform when he gets out of prison. In an interview with SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation, the incarcerated rapper said he admires what Meek’s doing but won’t be joining in the fight.

“Like I tell people all the time, I respect what he’s doing,” Shmurda stated. “I can’t do it though. I can talk to the kids, but I ain’t about to be sitting here protesting and politicking for no muthafuckin’ cops because them muthafuckas don’t care. They been killing muthafuckas since Rodney King. And people gotta realize this shit.”

Shmurda then brought up iconic civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and noted how he wouldn’t be willing to turn the other cheek as the slain civil rights leader did.

“I love what Martin Luther King did, but I respect him because I couldn’t do it,” Shmurda explained. “Muthafuckas hitting him with rocks, doing all types of shit, and he stayed positive. I can’t do it. So, I’ll come talk to the kids. That’s about it. But I respect everything they do.”

In Shmurda’s mind, protests and criminal justice reform initiatives — such as Meek’s REFORM Alliance — have been ineffective at instituting real change.

“It’s not even about me going through shit, it’s about what they been doing for years,” he explained. “This shit ain’t gonna change ’cause muthafuckas start talking about it; we gotta take action. And when muthafuckas start taking action more, that’s when I’ll get involved.

“But the talking, the muthafuckas ain’t gonna listen. They been beating Rodney King. The muthafuckas been killing muthafuckas for how long? And it gets the same results. This shit is crazy. The most I could tell niggas is stay up outta jail.”

Shmurda was then asked about what exact type of action he’s talking about.

“When y’all getting ready to drag a muthafucka, let me know,” he said with a laugh.

Shmurda is currently serving a seven-year sentence for conspiracy and weapons possession charges. He is eligible for parole in 2020.

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