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Blueface has admitted to his six-year-old son that he’d be “upset” if he came out as gay, but said he’d still love him regardless.

The “Thotiana” rapper already caused a stir last month when he asked his son Javaughn if he was homosexual because he was looking for snacks in the kitchen instead of ogling strippers who were dancing in the living room.

Despite the backlash over his previous comments, Blueface decided to once again quiz his young son about his sexuality in a video posted to his Instagram Stories on Monday (July 31).

“Are you gay?” the Los Angeles native can be heard asking his son while sitting his baby daughter on his lap. “Hey guys, he’s not gay. We got hope. Do you know what gay is?”

“No, I really don’t,” Javaughn replies. “What else you got? What else you got?”

“Ok well, if you ever decide to be gay, I’ll be upset, but I will still love you,” Blueface replied. “And I will still support you and take care of you.”

“I’m not that,” Jauvaugn concluded.

Blueface previously came under fire for asking such intense questions to his six-year-old boy, as well as having children around in general while strippers twerked away in his home.

“CALL CPS! This is child abuse,” one outraged person wrote in an Instagram comment, while someone else added: “Let the boy get his snacks… this so inappropriate.. damn near mental abuse.”

“It’s time to cancel blueface his toxic behavior is reached a all time high smh,” read a post over on Twitter.

Blueface’s girlfriend and baby mother, Jaidyn Alexis, wasn’t immune to criticism either, as one person tweeted: “That scene in Blueface house with the strippers is precisely why that Jaidyn girl is a LOSER. Why would you let your kid be exposed to that bullshit and questioned in that way by his own dad?”

The controversy comes after Blueface questioned the parenting skills of his ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock, with whom he’s expecting a child. The pair seem to currently be on the outs, as the Crazy In Love co-stars have been going tit-for-tat on Twitter for a few days now.

Most recently, Chrisean accused the “Thotiana” rapper of driving her to drink and declared “no more coochie for u blue.”

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