Blue Ivy Lawsuit Demands Beyoncé Hand Over JAY-Z & Tina Lawson Text Messages

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Beyoncé and JAY-Z filed for a trademark to protect their daughter’s name — Blue Ivy Carter — in 2017. Quickly following this application, Veronica Morales — the owner of the wedding company, Blue Ivy — filed against their trademark, claiming infringement. Now, Morales is attempting to supplement her legal artillery by demanding private communications between Jay and Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Lawson.

Morales — who began her wedding company three-years prior to Blue Ivy’s birth — remains unconvinced that the star couple planned on using the “Blue Ivy” trademark for commercial gains, fueling her request for Beyoncé to provide all documents showing any evidence she planned on using the trademark “Blue Ivy.”

Private conversations between Hov and Tina Lawson reside within the umbrella of “all documents.”

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According to The Blast, these include all communications with Jay relating to their 2016 trademark application, any communications of her or Jay knowing about “Blue Ivy” before their daughter was born in February 2012, and any records of conversations with Beyoncé and her mother about the mark.

Thus far, the Queen of the Beyhive has refused to cooperate. Conversely, she’s lobbying for a protective order to prevent Morales and her legal team from leaking sensitive information.

A battle embroiled in legal hearsay, both parties have accused each other of foul play; both seem intent on firmly hold their respective grounds.

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