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BreezyLYN, Brooklyn’s hottest upstart MC, has paid homage to her fellow BK MC JAY-Z on her new EP, Hood Mona Lisa.

The EP kicks off with an introduction that nods to JAY-Z and their shared birthplace of Marcy Houses. The track is narrated by Pain In Da Ass, who is known for being a prevalent voice on Hova’s classic Reasonable Doubt.

Pain’s voice is immediately recognizable as he introduces Breezy’s project. “What a move. I’ll never forget the first time meeting BreezyLYN. She was like a breath of fresh air, a real work of art. You shoulda seen her! She had these fantastic eyes,” he begins, before recalling Reasonable Doubt track “Can’t Knock the Hustle.”

“And if you woulda heard her rhyme, like me, you would have fallen in love right on the spot,” he continues. “But in a game like this, love costs money. What’s there not to say about Breezy? She’s one of the most well-known, respected shorties around the way. She’s a masterpiece. A modern day Mona Lisa. On the project. Brick wall.”

The spoken-word intro concludes: “But just like Mona Lisa herself, you never know what’s behind those eyes. But you’re about to find out. The hard way. Let’s go! Catch the breeze, muthafuckas!”

Check out the intro and dedication to Hov below:

Breezy’s dedication is one of many recently made to JAY-Z, the original icon from the Marcy Projects.

Last year, lyrics from the legendary MC were spotted plastered across the front of the Brooklyn Public Library in celebration of “The Book of HOV” exhibit that ran throughout the summer of 2023 until the end of the year.

Lyrics from tracks out of the rap deity’s decorated catalog adorned the buidling, featuring nods to “Hovi Baby,” “Sweet,” “Encore,” “Justify My Thug,” “Smile,” and more. They were inscribed on the BPL building in the style of a newspaper article.

The exhibit was a massive success, blowing away fans and musicians alike.

“The Book of HOV” show was a treat for Questlove, who posted a video to Instagram documenting his visit. The Roots drummer marveled at a rebuilt studio while giving followers a close-up of the room’s layout, studio equipment and scribbled tracklists.

“Yo, man… I’m mind-blown. They recreated Baseline Studios!” he said as Jigga’s Black Album closer “My 1st Song” fittingly blared through the speakers in the background.

Check out BreezyLYN’s Hood Mona Lisa EP below:

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