Big Gipp Pushes For A ‘Heterosexual Pride Month’

2019-12-30T13:13:53+00:00December 30th, 2019|

Big Gipp has shown his support for a proposed “Heterosexual Pride Month” on social media. The Goodie Mob member gave his stance on the idea via Instagram on Friday (December 27).

“With The Total Push of Other Ways Of Living…Let’s All Please Remember We All Come From This Right Here,” Gipp wrote on Instagram. “No Disrespect 2 No One But Let’s Push This More N 2020.”

The post was paired with an image of a heterosexual couple shielding a child from a rainbow with a ‘Heterosexual Pride Motn’ umbrella.

In October, Gipp and the rest of Goodie Mob spoke to HipHopDX about their career, touring and possibly new music. During the conversation, Gipp spoke on emphasizing individuality in their music.

“I think we’ve done a hell of a job, a hell of a job with teaching the kids to be yourself,” he said.. “You don’t have to be anybody but yourself.”

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