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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta personality Benzino has been going at Eminem since he was the publisher at The Source. In the early 2000s, the former “Hip Hop Bible” announced in a press conference it was in possession of an old tape in which a young Eminem was rapping racial slurs against Black women.

While Shady copped to the tape, admitted they were made after a bitter breakup with a Black girlfriend and publicly apologized, he still sued The Source for defamation and copyright infringement. A judge ultimately ruled in the publication’s favor and Eminem subsequently dropped the lawsuit.

For roughly 20 years, Benzino has held on to his ire for Eminem and routinely goes after his dedicated fanbase. On Saturday (February 26), Benzino targeted Slim Shady and his loyal legion of Stans once again.

“To all you pussy ass Stans, we all know y’all are the most corniest non violent coward fan base hip hop has ever seen,” he tweeted. “I have a restaurant in Atlanta 5071 Peachtree industrial boulevard Chamblee GA. stop tweeting and pull up on me you pussies.”

He added, “I been left this shit alone but since the COWARD ASS STANS still wanna talk shit and hide then it’s still fuck Eminem and if you got a problem with me, do something about it nothing you ever said has effected me in anyway. I know how to fight and I got big sticks. So pull up.”

Benzino previously unleashed his vitriolic opinions on Eminem and his Stans in November 2020, tweeting, “Face it stans y’all will always be hip hop goofiest most out of touch fan base straight bozos.”

He later added, “all Stans are ugly awkward pussies that aren’t accepted in the real black culture because of how goofy and out of touch they are in the streets. Kkkkrakkkrrrs have nobody else to talk about, they wanna feel like they are part of something. they look stupid asf.”

The 57-year-old started deleting his tweets amid his tirade, but most of them were preserved with a screenshot and plainly illustrated just how much venom he has for Eminem.

“All they do is worship a corny tailed park trash kkkrakkker who puts words together and knows nothing about our culture,” he wrote at the time. “He rhymes masturbator with elevator and all the corny white people go crazy, they goofy ass. He dresses in drag, let’s men out their bare asses in his face.”

Considering Benzino issued an apology for his childish behavior just last week, it’s almost surprising he’s back at it so quickly. On February 21, Benzino teased a collaboration between his daughter Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj during a conversation on Clubhouse.

“She got this song with Nicki Minaj that’s gonna be coming out that’s gonna be crazy,” Benzino said. “Yup, her and Nicki did some shit.”

But 2022 HipHopDX Rising Star soon hopped on Instagram Live and replied, “He gotta play the back gracefully because it’s my turn now. You know? It’s my turn, daddy. I’ma need you to sit the fuck down, grab some popcorn, enjoy the show and clap for me when it’s time to clap for me.”

Once Nicki Minaj shut the rumor down with a simple post, Benzino returned with an apology, saying in a since-deleted tweet, “I just wanna apologize to Coi, Nicki everyone involved, I meant no harm nor did I mean to offend or disrespect anyone. I know better, it’s a business of trust and I broke that. I feel horrible and sad. I am 100 percent in the wrong and it will never happen again. Smh

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