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Benzino has escalated his feud with Eminem, taking aim at him on a new diss song called “Rap Elvis.”

Released on Wednesday (January 31), the track finds the former publisher of The Source magazine tearing into his rap rival for the second time this week after their decades-old feud was recently reignited.

Additionally, the music executive — who also happens to be the father of Coi Leray — took to Instagram to alert Eminem that he would be “cancelled” if he didn’t respond within 48 hours.

Benzino spends “Rap Elvis” assassinating the Rap God’s character, including questioning his relationship with his hometown of Detroit.

“I am the culture, you don’t even be around/ You don’t even come outside, you don’t even see your town/ Icewear Vezzo said, ‘Em don’t be showing the city love’/ Why you ain’t got no words for him, huh?/ He in your city, bruh!” he raps.

“I wonder why, we wanna see, just say something, please/ Could it be possibly you ain’t really from them streets?/ I was born and raised in my city, you shouldn’t come for me/ I don’t know where you from but they say Missouri loves company.

Benzino later targets the Shady Records’ founder’s track record as a music executive, citing the many artists who have departed his label over the years.

“Okay, you found 50 [Cent] and you put on five Detroit n-ggas/ Rest in peace to the best ones, the rest of them sound iffy/ So let’s go down your stable: [Westside] Gunn left your label, Benny [The Butcher] left your label, Con[way The Machine] left your label/ Royce [Da 5’9″] left your label, Joe Budden left your label,” he spits.

“[Joell] Ortiz left your label, no, Crooked I couldn’t save you/ Yelawolf been out here flopping and where the hell Ca$hius at thought?/ Because from Obie Twice, only twice, and not a word from Stat Quo/ With all them false lines that you pitched them/ Shady Records sounds like less of a name and more like a description.”

The 58-year-old also criticizes Eminem for calling Black women “bitches,” not supporting the battle rap scene like Drake has and feuding with pop stars like Britney Spears, Elton John and Moby instead of those who have called him out like Young Zee and Pacewon.

“Rap Elvis” comes on the heels of Benzino’s earlier diss song “Vulturious,” on which he raised questions about Eminem’s sexuality and taunted him over the death of his close friend and collaborator Proof.

“You a punk, plan my funeral? Please, you shoot who?/ Square ain’t even go circle the block for Proof,” he rapped over JAY-Z’s “Where I’m From” beat.

“Vulturious” was a response to Em’s “Doomsday Pt. 2,” which arrived last week as part of the Lyrical Lemonade compilation album All Is Yellow.

The track found the rap legend reigniting his mid-2000s beef with Benzino and mocking his physical stature and financial woes, among other things.

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