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Benzino has made wild claims that he would beat both Eminem and Joe Budden in the boxing ring.

In an Instagram Live, the former editor of The Source magazine called out both Em and Budden and said he wanted to face them in the ring.

50 [Cent] will fight Stevie J then I’ll fight Eminem. And then it would be the biggest pay-per-view celebrity boxing match in the history of the world,” he said.

“Sleeves and 50. Me and Eminem. It would be crazy. Put us on the undercard of Jake Paul and Mike Tyson. I need that to happen, y’all. I’ll fight Eminem. It’s 16 fucking ounce gloves. Like, come on. Them shits is damn near pillows.”


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Benzino then suggested some potential match-ups for his imaginary boxing card: “Sleeves [Stevie J] and 50. My money on Sleeves all day. I know Sleeves will knock 50 out. I’ll knock Eminem out. 30 seconds into the round. Let’s just do it. Let’s get this bag. People want to see it.

“Shady and G-Unit versus the good guys. If you wanna throw Tony Yayo in there, we’ll get Peter Gunz. If you want to throw somebody else in, we’ll get Sisqo.”

He continued: “I would demolish him. I would beat the shit out of Eminem in a boxing match. There’s no question about it … I would love to fight Joe Budden. I’ll fight Joe Budden for free. I’ll do that for charity. I’ll break Joe Budden’s jaw for charity.”

Stevie J recently challenged 50 Cent over his relentless trolling of Diddy and his sexual assault allegations.

Stevie, a former member of Bad Boy’s Hitmen production team, was named in Puffy’s most recent lawsuit, with photos allegedly showing the producer engaging in sex with another man.

After 50 mocked Stevie over the lawsuit, the beatmaker threatened violence against the G-Unit leader.

“Curtis what’s good, man? You in your feelings about [50’s ex] Daphne [Joy] because she with the gang now? Or is that you sucking Lil Rod dick?” he said in a video posted online.

“However it go, I wanna shoot the fade, n-gga. Fuck all that. Since it’s entertainment, let me beat the shit out of you on TV or something. Don’t duck that. I’m calling you out. What you wanna do, Curtis? Curtisss!”

Meanwhile, Benzino and Eminem’s decades-old feud has been reignited in recent months after Slim Shady mocked his longtime rival on “Doomsday Pt. 2.

The former Love & Hip Hop star has since fired back with two diss songs of his own, “Vulturius” and “Rap Elvis,” while also taking numerous shots on social media and in interviews.

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