Benny The Butcher Addresses Claims J. Cole Lyrically Sniped Him In ‘Johnny P’s Caddy’ Verse

2022-02-04T15:03:09+00:00February 4th, 2022|

Benny The Butcher nabbed J. Cole for his latest single “Johnny P’s Caddy,” which is expected to be included on his forthcoming album Tana Talk 4. But some studious rap fans think Cole is taking a shot at the Griselda Records rapper on his own song.

When the Dreamville Records boss raps, “Of course I’m tryin’ to revive a sport that’s dyin’/But the guns and the drug bars that y’all relyin’/Got these nerds thinkin’ that you n-ggas hard as I am//But that just mean I ain’t as comfortable as y’all with lyin’,” several people wondered if he was referring to Griselda’s penchant for street life raps. Cole ended the track by calling himself “the best rapper alive,” which raised a few eyebrows considering he was a guest feature on another rapper’s song.

During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God asked Benny The Butcher if he was tempted to change his verse after hearing J. Cole’s proclamation to which he said, “Man, fuck no. I’m not one of those dudes who changin’ my verse. I’m not doing none of that. I done sent songs to n-ggas and some of n-gga’s favorite n-ggas done changed they verse. I guess that’s what they do. Man, that’s how we feel.”

Benny The Butcher wasn’t exactly sure who J. Cole was addressing, but he certainly thinks he had a target in mind when penning the verse, adding, “He said that on my record, so people ask me about that. He was talking to somebody. If you ask me, he was talkin’ to somebody.”

Charlamagne interjected and noted, “I saw folks saying he might have been taking shots at you on his own record. I was like, ‘Nah, it really depends on if you think Benny’s raps are real or not.”

Benny replied, “That’s a fact. When he said that, the drug bars, ‘y’all was lying’ — I done did numbers. I did what I did. If it don’t apply, let it fly. If y’all say y’all got the best morning show, if ‘yall say that, the people who got morning shows who’s in the ranking with y’all, the n-ggas who got morning shows who are nowhere near y’all, they know y’all not talking about them.

“So I say that to say, the guys who y’all compare him with — this is my opinion, I don’t know who he was talking about, I’m a fan of this shit — so the guys everybody compare him with and put him in the rink with, to me, that’s who he’s talking to. That’s me. I just think he’s asserting his dominance amongst the conversation, the three, four, five-headed monsters … I know when I get on a feature, I’m talking extra crazy on it.”

Gang Starr legend DJ Premier recently revealed Tana Talk 4 will arrive on February 11, although Benny The Butcher has yet to confirm the date himself. In the meantime, check out “Johnny P’s Caddy” below.

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