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Hello my name is Marvin Chappell aka Trey aka Mr. Rockstar. I have been doing music for my whole life and it is my passion. I am from Charleston, SC. I began rapping when I was 14 and never looked back. I write song to relieve the mind frame for the situation faced. At first my rap name was Trey and I was apart of a group called Young Tymers. I was always singled out growing up so I wrote a lot parodies, poems, sonnets so my music comes from my feelings. I always have been known to make music or songs about anything. On May 8th, 2001 I was shot in the upper hip while walking to the corner store from a drive-by. I was hospitalized and had to have constant therapy for my healing process. I was already a mental basket case before this event and was really paranoid and war ready. I witnessed my first criminal conviction in 2002 when getting into a fight with a student at school and involving me carrying weapon. I was arrested and spent 6 months at Midlands inside Columbia, SC. With conditions of my release I had to go to school in a different disctrict and see license psychologist. I fought hard an got my degree and even a college enrollment at USC. But I was still in the streets and had problems with employment along with coping with the world. I caught 3 charges in 2003. Drugs, stolen goods, etc. So i ended up in a bind and had to leave school even with a 3.916 GPA. Regardless of events I still wrote music even cut some singles with Charleston, SC producers BB Slimm and TwinD1st Century. I flew under radar for about 5 years writing songs trying to find steady work basically floating above water so I can breathe. But nothing worked so I started sneaker business and it was good lasted a couple of years until I tried to let my brother take over and he didn’t stick to the plan. In 2009 I became homeless and was in an out of jail. Though times where ruff I still wrote my music and basically kept journals of my work. I stayed in streets and one night while sleeping at my brothers house I was pistol whipped half to deaf. Again and mental problems struck I already had drug problems to cope with life. Then I finally got work accomplish with Rip from Island Gorillaz and we recorded How U Rockin Vol. 1. I then took the initiative to put out work with my new producer Chief on da beat and completed How U Rockin Volume 2 and 3. Sad but I fell into another rut and I got into serious wreck where I woke up in there hospital. I have seizures now because of multiple head trauma and have constant pain. I started a Life by Faith Campaign in 2016 to sell or collection donations to help Crime Victims, Disabled people, and the homeless mainly because I had to deal with these problems in my lifetime. I have also put out 2 mixtapes/ep Tunna Beat Project and Block Work. I also have plenty of work coming out my website is I have also been on Coast to Coast Mixtapes with artist MGK and Young Dolph. If you have any question feel free to hit me up and message me okay. Mr. Rockstar is from the city of Charleston and Ferndale subdivision to your ears I give you whatever you looking for music wise. Lyrical monster with the attitude to make you see things in a brighter prospective. I am a father of two kids Tyreek Marvin Since Chappell and Tanaysha Alayaih Chappell. I am also a music producer, singer, song writer, web developer, and graphic artist. Thank you taking time out your day to check me out and as always be blessed.

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