Azealia Banks Slams Kanye West, Says Cancel Culture Doesn’t Exist: ‘Only God Can Cancel Something’

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“Listen to my music. Listen to the last five years of Kanye West’s music. I’m superior.”

Azealia Banks took aim at Kanye West on Monday (Nov. 22), sharing her uncensored thoughts on the rapper in a new interview.

Chatting with Rolling Stone, the topic of ‘Ye came up, as the “212” MC discussed how she came this close to naming her recent track “F— Him All Night” after her nemesis. The reason? “Because Kanye trolled me a lot,” she said. (Instead, the single’s cover art points all 10 fingers at West thanks to some creative nail art.)

“Listen to my music. Listen to the last five years of Kanye West’s music. I’m superior,” Banks continued. “I don’t have to talk about that which is beneath me. He’s been, I guess, selling sneakers and doing outrageous shit, everything but the music. When Kanye puts some music out that is important, then I guess we can have that conversation. But right now, he’s kind of just like a cultural figure.”

The rapper didn’t hold back in her opinions on TikTok either, explaining that she doesn’t use the social platform because she’s “not a f—ing con artist.”

“It’s the most devalued art form in all the art forms,” Banks said of music in the industry’s current state. “Because with streaming and everything, people are getting desperate, and they’re doing everything else but making good music. Doing videos and all this other stuff, but it’s like, the music sucks. … Once everyone started doing three hours of makeup to do a 15-second TikTok, I kind of tuned out.”

Another thing the star doesn’t tune into? Cancel culture. She says the very idea of it “doesn’t really exist. Only God can cancel something. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean that it’s canceled, it just means you don’t f—ing like it, and that’s OK.”

Read Banks’ full interview with Rolling Stone here.

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