Are Rappers About To Abandon Balenciaga Over This Ad?

2018-11-14T10:32:59+00:00November 14th, 2018|

Founded in 1917, fashion brand Balenciaga has become a symbol of luxury and a favorite of the Hip Hop community. But that could possibly change.

After the company — which is now owned by French multinational company Kering — posted an ad on Instagram featuring a man wearing blue leopard print leggings and matching heels, people lost it.

PnB Rock wrote commented under the photo, “Unfollowed tf,” while Souljaboy echoed a similar sentiment with a simple “Wtf.”

Producer Sonny Digital was a little more vocal about his response to the controversial ad.

“First they tried y’all with the Sketchers remake now they doing this,” he wrote in the comment section. “At this point I’m just wondering who ima see with these on first.”

The original photo was posted on Balenciaga’s Instagram account last week. The comments range from disbelief to shock. Several commenters denounced the brand and instantaneously pulled their support.

Check out the comments below.

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