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Akademiks has been criticized for publicly advising Diddy on how to defeat his various sexual assault allegations.

The controversial media personality, who himself has been accused of sexual assault, made the comments on an episode of his Off the Record podcast with special guest Lamar Odom.

“There’s three ways Diddy can get out of his situation publicly. I don’t know about the feds, the feds might still get him,” he said. “One: he gotta come out and tell the whole world that he been gay or been bi or that he always identified as a woman.

“Second way is to say that he had mental health issues and he’s been seeking therapy. The last way is to say he apologizes but all his actions was because he was touched as a child.”

“And people will be like, ‘You know what? You got fucked too? No wonder he was doing freak-offs!’” he added.

His comments can be seen at the one-hour and six-minute mark below.

Akademiks’ outlandish remarks quickly caused a stir online, with Royce Da 5’9″ among those who disapproved of them. Commenting on Hollywood Unlocked‘s Instagram repost of the clip, the Detroit rap legend simply wrote: “smh.”

Another critic said: “Ah yes, use the trauma and hardships that actual people deal with and use it as a get out of jail free card with the main stream [unimpressed face emoji].”

Others referenced Ak’s own alleged history of sexual assault, with one person writing: “Giving out advice when you just might be sharing a jail cell soon is wild.”

“Academics [sic] is revealing the excuses HE will use,” another joked.

A lawsuit was recently filed by an ex-girlfriend of Akademiks (real name Livingston Allen) in which she accused him of rape.

Ziya Abashe claims that in July 2022 the podcaster invited her to his house, where two of his friends drugged her, got her forcibly drunk and raped her.

Following that, she recalls “being awakened naked in a bed in what she believed was Mr. Allen’s bedroom. She believes this was around 4 a.m. She was awoken by Mr. Allen savagely, pulling her hair, prying open her legs, and…brutally raping her.”

Shortly after the suit was filed, Akademiks addressed the allegations publicly on his Rumble channel.

“I can’t talk about too much because I’ve paid lawyers to handle shit in court. These people who are coming at me are hoping that I fuck that up by handling it on social media. The police wants nothing to do with this. They’re saying there is no crime,” he said.

He then insinuated that the lawsuit was only filed due to his reporting on Diddy’s own legal troubles.

“Is it possible that that person who’s really seeing the money grab was really the Diddy stuff? And who was the biggest n-gga that covered the Diddy stuff?” he asked. “That lawyer allegedly reached out to some people of mine saying, ‘If Ak continues to doubt what we are purporting against Diddy, remember, we can file a lawsuit on him too.’

Ak also threatened to take down the entire Hip Hop industry if he was found guilty: “Let me tell you this about everyone in the industry: if Ak ever goes down, y’all going down with me. ‘Cause I hold no secrets for nobody.”

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