After Four Years, Isaiah Rashad Returns With New Single ‘Don’t Worry’

2020-04-23T10:35:39+00:00April 23rd, 2020|

After four years, TDE’s elusive hyphenate, Isaiah Rashad, returned Wednesday morning (April 22) with his new single “Why Worry.”

As part of TDE’s Appreciation Week, Rashad continues his home team’s torrid run with his silky track after Ab-Soul and Zacari went up-to-bat with their solo cuts, respectively.

Floating over the soothing soundscape of Crooklin, Rashad’s carefree approach gleams, rapping: “Too busy livin’ big/ Too busy checkin’ of my list of s–t I never did/ Drop top on all my whips/ Ain’t none these hoes my b—h.”

Rashad’s last solo effort came in 2016, courtesy of his celebrated release The Sun’s Tirade. “You realize how critically-acclaimed don’t mean s–t,” the 25-year-old then told Billboard after overcoming his struggles with drug addiction.

“It’s tight if you bounce back with something. If you don’t, you’re just a talented young n—a. I’m just a talented young n—a, at least that’s how it felt since I haven’t put nothing out since [Cilvia Demo in 2014], except like three songs,” he added. “In reality, for me, if things would have went exactly how I wanted them to go, it still would have happened. It would have been similar, but the things in between wouldn’t have been the same.”

Does this new song mean Rashad’s junior effort, The House Is Burning, is around the corner?

Listen to “Don’t Worry” below.

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