A Principal Flipped ‘U Can’t Touch This’ Into a School Safety Anthem and MC Hammer Says It’s 2 Legit

2020-08-04T12:41:42+00:00August 4th, 2020|

In the age of coronavirus MC Hammer’s 1990 smash “U Can’t Touch This” has a whole new meaning. The keypad at the grocery story? Can’t touch this. Your face? Can’t touch this. Door handle at the bank? Can’t touch this. Water fountain at your high school? Definitely can’t touch that.

Which explains why Dr. Quentin Lee, principal of Childersberg High School in Childersberg, Alabama, recently adapted the no-touch song for a slam-dunk parody aimed at getting his students ready for the school year. Rocking a mask and armed with a bottle of hand sanitizer in one hand and a thermometer in the other, Dr. Lee runs around the halls warning pupils and teachers to stay away from high-touch surfaces while reshaping Hammer’s lyrics for a COVID-19 world.

“My my… coronavirus hits me so hard/ All the teachers say ‘oh my lord!’/ COVID, it’s stressin’ me, all the updates from the CDC,” Lee raps as he sprays down a classroom with Lysol and pulls off his best Hammer dance while demonstrating proper social distancing. “I told you students/ You better pull that mask up!/ It’s the CDC, not me!/ Ay, go wash your hands/ Fresh new rules and plans. Let’s all be safe go wash your hands/ So move, back up 6 ft. You better not cough and you better not sneeze/ Sanitation! Hold on, lemme check your temp not under your arm.”

Hammer gets it. He reposted the video and wrote “I love it!!” along with crying laughing, sunglasses and mask emoji. The video has been viewed more than 3.5 million times since it was posted last week.

Check out the video below.

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