Post Malone Offering a Shot at Private Beer Pong Game Via NFT Auction

2021-03-12T13:32:04+00:00March 12th, 2021|

You can also bid for a live chat with Lil Yachty, or a studio session with Mustard.

If you life’s dream is to face off against Post Malone in a heated game of beer pong, Fyooz has just the thing for you. Hopping on the latest virtual trend, the rapper has teamed up with the cryptocurrency outfit to offer a select group of fans an exclusive opportunity via their $FYZNFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Posty announced the news in a tweet featuring a ghostly android hand dropping a ping-pong ball into a red cup amid a field of digital chains and barbed wire.

The opportunity is part of a suite of drops for fans who join the company’s “Moon Club,” which will allow NFT owners to take their shot in Posty’s World Pong League via a live auction on Clubhouse, and to snatch up an animation NFT via a free drop to all Moon Club members.

The Post Malone auction date is set for March 25, and an announcement promises that holders of 1,000 FYZNFTs — which grants you access to become a Moon Club member — will get a free “Golden Hand” image created by digital artist Fvckrender, as well as access to exclusive drops and other exclusive members.

The same Moon Club NFT Drop #1 is also offering a King Bach “Slot Machine,” which will contain an “unknown number of rare, not so rare or even blank NFT,” and Lil Yachty “Magnifying Glass” and “Hit Bout It” music video NFTs, as well as a chance at a live chat with Yachty and a studio session with Mustard.

Check out details about the NFT pong experience below.

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