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6ix9ine, who has previously admitted to domestic abuse, is up against new allegations of violence against women by a former buddy of his.

On Wednesday (September 6), online personality SteveWillDoIt posted a series of Instagram Stories calling out the controversial rapper and challenging him to a fight.

In the process of doing so, he accused the rapper of almost taking his girlfriend’s life by hitting her with his car.

After calling 6ix9ine a “loser,” “rat,” “menace to society” and “pedophile,” Steve wrote: “I challenge 6ix9ine to a fight… he only likes to hit [women] tho.. so idk if he will accept . @6ix9ine I identify as a woman so let’s fight.

“He hit his ex girlfriend, his his current girlfriend with his car and almost killed her. He wants no smoke with a man. I identify as a woman tho so let’s fight.”

6ix9ine has yet to respond.

During an interview with the The Daily Beast in 2019, 6ix9ine’s then-girlfriend Sara Molina discussed in detail how he would beat her up, rape her and suffocate her. She also claimed that he cheated on her countless times and even contracted several STDs while doing so.

That type of behavior, she said, was consistent throughout their seven-year relationship. When she would question his trysts, though, she was often met with violent outbursts. This eventually resulted in Molina and her daughter, whose father is 6ix9ine, booted from the Brooklyn apartment they stayed in.

Molina said that when she confronted the temperamental rapper about an alleged pregnancy rumor one time, he beat their two-year-old daughter to the point where his former associate Kifano “Shotti” Jordan had to pull him off, yelling, “Are you crazy?!”

Months later, 6ix9ine’s deal with the government in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods racketeering case revealed that these allegations of domestic violence were true as he himself owned up to them.

At a pre-trial hearing for two alleged members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang, Judge Paul Engelmayer noted 6ix9ine “admits domestic violence from 2011 to November 2018.”

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