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50 Cent has promised to shed some weight and get back into “fighting” shape before he hits the road for his Final Lap Tour.

While he’s never stopped working out, the G-Unit mogul doesn’t quite have the same chiseled physique as he did early in his career, and he knows his fitness and endurance need to be on point for his extensive world tour, which kicks off in less than two months.

“We gonna do the tour and stuff like that, right? So I’m back working out like that,” he told fans on Instagram Live on Wednesday (May 24). “I always work out, but it’s different when I gotta start running and all that shit. Matter of fact, I’ma show y’all [on] Live every day. Yeah, I’ma do five miles in front of ’em every day.

“You gonna see me come back down. I’ma lose at least 25 pounds before [the tour]. I’ll be back in dog shape before I go. I’ma start talking mad shit when I’m back in shape. That’s why I be wanting to fight and shit like that, on the low.”

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of 50 Cent’s blockbuster debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin,’ the Final Lap Tour kicks off on July 21 in Salt Lake City, Utah and journeys across North America until September 22, making stops in cities such as Toronto, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and 50’s hometown of New York City.

The European leg begins shortly after on September 28, and includes shows in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and the U.K., where it comes to a close on November 18. Busta Rhymes will be joining Fif on the road, along with Jeremih for the North American dates.

Earlier this week, 50 took a moment to chat with his fans on Instagram Live, where he revealed he sold over 500,000 tickets in seven days and hinted at the tour being his last.

“Because ticket sales are doing so well they’re adding new markets so the U.K., North America and possibly Australia will be in there,” 50 said. “I gotta get to Africa. I got a lot of spots I gotta hit before I be done, because this is the Final Lap Tour.

“I won’t be running around like this no more. I gotta do my film and television stuff and got a lot of other things going on behind the scenes that I gotta work on, so I won’t be out touring as much as I’ve been touring…I’m having fun this time because it’s set up to enjoy myself, we not feeling pressure.”

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