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50 Cent has revealed that he thinks he’s spent about $23 million in legal fees since 2003 — the same year he released his debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

Whether it be for his three arrests, hammering out child support payments, business deals like his Sire Spirits, music or TV contracts, filing for bankruptcy, or even his latest lawsuit somehow involving the size of his penis, the G-Unit mogul seemingly has always needed an attorney at all stages of his adult life.

The G-Unit mogul joined Brian J. Roberts for an interview earlier this month where he disclosed that he’s spent around eight figures in legal fees since bursting onto the mainstream stardom radar.

“I spent over $23 million legal fees since I had success in 2003,” he disclosed which actually shocked him. “So when you say you successful or you rich in a different way, that money was just written off as expenses of business. You in it and I’m going, ‘What?’ When I’m looking at it myself, ‘That’s how much you really spent on that?’

“The only thing someone in America can do is sue someone. They’re gonna sue and there always gonna be pro-bono or say, ‘We’ll defend you for 30 percent of what we receive off of this because we do see a case.’”

50 Cent will be back in court as part of the aforementioned penis lawsuit where MedSpa allegedly used his photo to promote its penis enlargement surgery in 2020.

According to AllHipHop, a trial date has been set in 50’s lawsuit against MedSpa owner Angela Kogan for July 3, 2023. It’s possible that the two parties will reach a settlement prior to dispute playing out in court. Mediation for the case must be completed by March 23, 2023 if no settlement agreement can be reached.

The G-Unit boss sounds ready for battle as he shared his reaction to the news on Instagram on Sunday night (November 20). “yeah my d_ck is a BIG DEAL set for trial in july no enhancement necessary,these fools put them selves out of business. SMH,” 50 wrote in his caption.

In September, 50 Cent filed a lawsuit arguing that plastic surgeon and MedSpa owner Angela Kogan used a photo of him that was taken during a trip to Miami in February 2020 to promote her company and its services.

The lawsuit alleges Kogan used the photo — which 50 said he took believing Kogan was merely a fan — to promote Perfection Plastic Surgery without authorization and falsely implied 50 underwent a penis enlargement procedure.

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