50 Cent Resurrects G-Unit Apparel Following Super Bowl ‘In Da Club’ Appearance

2022-02-17T18:03:18+00:00February 17th, 2022|

50 Cent’s surprise appearance at the Super Bowl LVI Pepsi Halftime Show on Sunday (February 13) had fans talking all about it on social media, from him turning back the clock and hanging upside down to perform “In Da Club” to his heavier frame.

One of the most talked-about moments, though, was 50 putting on the G-Unit tank top and headband he used to wear in the early 2000s for the electrifying set. Fans were instantly taken back to the days when they would watch 50 and his G-Unit crew take over MTV, BET and any other place fans got their music.

Now, it looks like the Queens rap legend wants fans to relive those memories again as he announced the G-Unit tank tops and headbands are officially back. 50 Cent made the announcement on Twitter on Tuesday (February 15) with a post saying pre-orders were now open for the tanks tops, which come in blue and red, while the headbands only come in white.

“Get your G-Unit Tanktops & Headbands Now,” 50 wrote in his tweet with an accompanying link that takes fans to the order page. The tank tops are going for $39.99, while the headbands sell for $19.99.

50 Cent will be looking to see how this new merch drop will do following the negative comments he received for putting on a few pounds. Even though the Power mogul had no trouble getting through his performance of “In Da Club,” people couldn’t help but let the fat jokes fly.

Fortunately for 50, some of his devoted fans came to his rescue.

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