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50 Cent has been accused of confronting an ex-drug lord over a $1 billion lawsuit related to his Power series.

Corey “Ghost” Holland Sr. filed the 10-figure suit against 50 Cent, Courtney Kemp and the STARZ network in 2021 over claims Power was based on his life, which were dismissed by 50’s legal team at the time.

Now, according to AllHipHop, Ghost has claimed 50 showed up to his house on two occasions in either July or August 2021.

“A few days later 50 Cent shows up about a half mile from plaintiff home, and plaintiff sees the same truck that pulled into his driveway at the 50 Cent event,” the legal documents read. “So plaintiff realizes it was either defendant Jackson or his Entourage who decided to ‘Pull Up.’

“When you looking for a confrontation your honor, this is what people say, nowadays. Up to this point, plaintiff had ignored a lot of ‘subliminal attacks’ on him online, but now 50 Cent is bringing the drama right to plaintiff front yard.

“So plaintiff responded to 50 Cent they way any normal person would respond to a possible threat, plaintiff prepared himself for whatever was go happen.”

Corey “Ghost” Holland Sr. claimed the entourage were armed and said it was “clear” 50 Cent wanted to confront him.

“Plaintiff wanted to know why 50 Cent came to his home, but plaintiff couldn’t get past 50 Cent security,” the documents continued. “The men in the truck returned, repeated the same intimidation tactic and left, but this time they appeared to be armed.

“So plaintiff family ARM themselves, cause defendant Jackson, came back to plaintiff neighborhood for a second time, but once again security protected him.

“Plaintiff again tried to get to him and ask why is he coming to his home and neighborhood, but security prevented that, it’s clear your Honor, he was seeking a confrontation, and came very close to getting what he came for.”

Ghost previously claimed 50 Cent’s associates had been “bullying” him and making threats on his life.

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