36 Chambers? Try 400 Pounds, Wu-Tang Clan Announce Massive Photo Book

2021-03-04T16:24:56+00:00March 4th, 2021|

The Wu-Tang Clan are already one of the biggest, most legendary hip-hop crews in history. But now the nine-member Staten Island icons are proving their weight with a limited-edition large format coffee table photo book called Wu-Tang Clan: Legacy that will wrap more than 300 pages of pics inside a 400-pound steel and bronze sculpture.

There will only be 36 editions of the weighty chamber created by sculptor Gethin Jones, described as the “biggest and rarest book” in hip-hop history according to a site announcing the titanic tome. “From conception to the present day, this is the story of the undisputed greatest Hip Hop group of all time being unveiled through rare and never before seen photos,” said Wu-Tang Clan Management CEO John “Mook” Gibbons in a statement.

The bronze-encrusted black steel chamber sculpture — which looks a bit like the FIFA World Cup trophy emblazoned with the Wu-Tang logo — opens up to reveal the 21″ x 21″ book, which will be signed, dated and numbered and feature a certificate of authenticity alongside rare and unseen photos from famed photographers Danny Hastings, ProTim Photo, Kyle Christie and Andy Cantillon as well as friends and family of the Clan.

The site says the book will be printed and bound in leather in Italy, with Jones’ sculpture inspired by “the ancient past and the bronze ritual bowls of the Zhou Dynasty whose first ruler was King Wu-Wang,” with the chambers consisting of “Spun Mild Steel bowls while the raised ridges, base and logo are furnished in solid brushed brass.” Click on the book’s publishing site for more information on how to order the book.

Check out a preview video of the book below.

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