Jimmy Henchman Sentenced For Murder Of 50 Cent Affiliate Lodi Mack

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James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosmand has been sentenced for the murder of 50 Cent affiliate Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher. According to AllHipHop, who spoke to Henchman following his sentencing, the former music mogul was given two life sentences.

The G-Unit associate was killed in September 2009 following a violent feud between G-Unit and Game, who was managed by Henchman at the time.

The murder was believed to be the result of a 2007 incident involving Henchman’s then-teenage son who was beaten up by Tony Yayo and Lodi Mack in New York City. Both men were convicted — Lodi Mack received jail time and Yayo got community service.

Henchman was accused of commissioning Lodi Mack’s murder. In March 2015, he was convicted and given a life sentence plus 20 years for the crime but had the conviction overturned in November 2016. Although he was granted a new trial, Henchman was convicted again last November.

In an open letter, Henchman maintains his innocence.

Read the letter in part below.

“I want to apologize to my family and my support system,” Henchman wrote. “Most importantly, to my son; When I asked you to intern as a 14 yr old at my office it was because I wanted you to see your father working and have a strong role model.

I wanted you to look up to brown and black people in boardrooms rather than in the streets. I was proud of the work I was doing. I never thought when I sent you on that errand, you would be surrounded and assaulted by 50 cent and four G-Unit grown men with guns for wearing a T-shirt.

My son I want you to know today – you did nothing wrong by coming to me and letting me know what happened to you. Any child that is under age should let their parents know if they are assaulted.

“Sleep with a sound conscious knowing your father is not a murderer and you are not the blame for my incarceration. This is bigger than me or you. I to am a casualty.”

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