50 Cent returned a jab to Ja Rule on Thursday (May 31) after the former Murder Inc. rapper inserted himself into the Pusha T/Drake beef.

In a Twitter post, Ja Rule wrote, “Drake, Push ima let y’all finish but ‘Loose Change” was one of the most disrespectful diss records of ALL TIME.”

Naturally, the Power executive responded with an Instagram post, captioning a screenshot of Ja Rule’s post with, “Yo look at this. this nigga still think he in it. look at me fool, I’m the reason you driving a Uber you bum ass nigga. LMAO get the strap.”

Ja Rule replied to Fiddy with, “I see I still get under your skirt @50cent lmao…” but that’s where it ended (for now).

The song Ja Rule is referring to was released in 2003 and took aim at 50 and his “peons,” as well as Dr. Dre and Eminem.

The drama between 50 and Ja Rule stretches back decades. 50 said the feud started in 1999 after Ja Rule saw him with a man he says robbed him of his jewelry. But Ja Rule claimed it actually popped off during a video shoot in Queens that sparked jealously from the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ OG, which led to a confrontation and 50 getting stabbed multiple times.

The feud supposedly came to an end in 2011 but was reignited in January after 50 Cent publicly dissed Ja Rule on Big Boy’s Neighborhood.

Relive Ja Rule’s “Loose Change” 50 Cent diss” down below.